K7RE Software
Software for Ham Radio From The Black Hills of South Dakota, USA
K7RERTTY is an MS Windows application that runs stand-alone or in conjunction with the N3FJP suite of ham radio logging programs.  It currently only supports the RTTY mode.
Step 1 Click to  Download Latest MMTTY Engine  (Version 168a)
JE3HHT - Makoto Mori, has graciously allowed us to use his program MMTTY for free as our engine.  However he requires that the file be downloaded from his site, and not be put on this server. Therefore, please click on the button to the left to access his page. Then scroll down and click  on Full Version 1.68A, and install.
Step 2 Click to Download Latest K7RERTTY Application
This is the BETA  1 trial.  No registration is required .  Unzip the file into an exisiting folder, or one that you create. Run K7RE RTTY BETA_1Setup.exe. If you wish to use my application with the N3FJP Suite of programs, you MUST run the N3FJP application first, or they will not link automatically.  See Step 3 below.
Step 3 Click to Go To the N3FJP Website
If you wish to link K7RERTTY with the N3FJP programs that support RTTY, please click on the button to the left.  Then follow Scott's directions to try out the program for the contest which you wish to log. You may also select ACLog, which will allow daily, non-contest use. If you decide to purchase any or all of his excellent applications,  you may do so by following the simple directions on his site.
Join the K7RE Software Yahoo Group
If you wish to join the K7RE Software Yahoo Group, click the button on the left. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time.  Join for tips and discussions on issues if they arise, make suggestions etc
Just scroll down when you see the Yahoo page  and click on subscribe.